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Any monthly donation of $5+

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Watch All Videos (over 40hrs)
Watch all Interviews (released weekly)
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Monthly Q&:
A with Phil ($10+)
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Current Content

Romans - 6 vids - 5hrs 50mins
This is a partial teaching walking through Romans 3-8.

It’s quite in depth. But at the same time very easy to follow along.

In it we talk about sin, faith, righteousness, identity, love and the law.

There are a couple of introductory sessions on creation, identity, God and the Bible which lay a great foundation for the module as a whole.

It was done at the ministry school I help run and is in some ways a very basic foundation to what we do in the school.

Total Time – 5 Hrs 50 Minutes

Renew Your Mind in 30 Days - 28 videos - 1hr 58min
Identity - 11 videos - 1hr 47mins
This is what I consider the 101 module of Christianity.

But don’t let that fool you into thinking you don’t need it.

I’ve found that many Christians in the church today don’t know the basics of who they are in Christ.

In this module, we discuss why God created us in the first place, what it means to be created in God’s image and likeness, who we are in Christ, what is the sinful nature, what does it look like to mature in the Christian walk and how we can do that.

*This series was filmed on older equipment so the quality isn’t the same as the rest of the website*

Total Time – 1 Hr 47 Minutes

Faith - 5 videos - 45mins - NEW
There is no way you could argue Faith isn’t important for a follower of Jesus.

It’s a central theme of the New Testament… Belief and Faith are mentioned over 500 times!

But what does it mean to have faith? What kind of faith are we talking about? Is there good faith and bad faith? What does it mean to have a lack of faith? How can we grow in faith?

These are some of the questions we look at in this mini series.

P.S. Sorry if my glasses are distracting in this series… they are badly scratched and catch the light easily. I will replace them as soon as I can haha

Total Time – 45 Minutes

Law - 9 videos - 2hrs 2mins
This module is one of my favourites. Why?

Because it changed my life so dramatically.

Growing up as a Christian I was never really sure what to do with the law. It was the elephant in the room. The New Testament was full of scriptures saying that Christians were not under the law. But God gave the law and told us to keep it!

Because of that, I lived most of my life with one foot firmly in each covenant.

In this module, we discuss what role the law plays in the walk of a Christian. We’ll look from Genesis right through the NT and study what really is going on with the law being given in Exodus (and discover it existed long before that) and what it means for us today as Christians.

Join me on this module and discover the glorious truth that Christians are not under the law – it’s the true key to living a holy lifestyle.

*This series was filmed on older equipment so the quality isn’t the same as the rest of the website*

Total Time – 2 Hrs 2 Minutes

Spiritual Warfare - 4 videos - 26mins
Spiritual Warfare is a hot topic in the Charismatic and Pentecostal arms of the church.
But what is spiritual warfare? What does the Bible say about this great battle? And how can we have victory in it?
Total Time – 0 Hr 26 Minute
Tithing - 7 videos - 57mins
Tithing is a big part of church today.

But should it be?

We are told that the Bible teaches us that we are to give 10% of our income to the local church to support the “work of the Lord”.

But where does it say that?

In this module, we look through the Bible to see what it actually has to say about tithing and evaluate what does it look like to give as a New Covenant believer.

Total Time – 57 Minutes

The Bible - 3 videos - 48mins
The Bible. It’s what we build our faith on! Wait… no that’s Jesus.

But the Bible is a big deal.

In this module, we look at what the Bible is and how we should approach it in our lives.

*This is a work in progress… more videos to come soon!*
Total Time – 2 Hr 27 Minutes

Hell - 2 videos - 1hr 14 min
This is a work in process – currently there is just the introduction video.

There will be a few more videos to come where we look at the various views in more detail.

Till then it’s a good place to start and we will be discussing it a lot more on the Facebook group.

Total Time – 1 Hr 14 Minute

Judgement - 1 video - 59mins
This is a one video module.

We love to talk about judgement – when will it be, who will be doing it and all importantly – who will be judged and how.

But what if there is a huge element of judgement that we are completely missing out on?

Total Time – 59 Minutes

Is God Really Good? Series - 3 videos - 2hrs 13mins
This is a recording of a series of talks I did as part of a conference called “Is God Really Good?: What to do When God Doesn’t Look Like Jesus?”

It’s not for the faint of heart – we look at really tough stuff here but my goal is for us to look at the hard stuff so we can be honest with the scriptures and figure out how we should be approaching them in a healthy Christ-centred way.

Total Time – 2hrs 13 Minutes

Open Theism - 1 video - 48mins
This is a one video module. (for now)

Many won’t recognise the term “Open Theism” it’s not a commonly talked about view. But it is one that deeply interests me.

In all of the discussions of the future, most Christians seem to take the position that either God predetermines the future ahead of time or that He gives us free-will.

The problem is when you look more closely these positions are only fractionally different if God knows the future. If He knows what you would do with your free-will then were you ever really free to do it? Surely He could have made you less stubborn, more stubborn, more spiritual, less religious etc. etc.

What Open Theism looks at is a crazy theory at first glance. What if God chooses not to know the future but to instead enter into the present fully with us?

Bear with this one as it’s a very interesting topic and has a lot of scripture to back it up!

Total Time – 48 Minutes

Homosexuality - 15 videos - 7hrs 11mins!
This module is a work in progress. It’s my most requested topic so I’ve been working hard over the last year to put something together for you all.

Currently there are only videos on Homosexuality – the most requested topic. But before long we’ll have videos covering topics like, sex, marriage, dating, singleness, divorce, gender identity etc.

The goal is to look at this topic from a range of different perspectives. We’ll weigh up the pros and cons of each view. I won’t be forcing one view down your throat but instead hopefully giving you the information and tools to chat with Holy Spirit and study this to your own conclusion.

I don’t want to see everyone agreeing on these topics – I think ultimately that’s an impossibility – rather my goal is that we can all discuss these topics healthily and see where the other is coming from.

So here’s to the journey! Hope you enjoy the videos.

P.S. If you skip straight to the conclusion you are most likely going to get fairly confused. I’d highly recommend putting the time in for this important topic and watching the videos in order.
Total Time – 7hrs 11 Minutes

NEW Spiral Dynamics - 6 videos - 15hrs 53mins NEW!
This module is still in the process of being filmed. It’s a look at a specific model of Psychological Development.

Over 70 independent primary studies done over almost 100 years in dozens of different cultures and supported by 100’s of other studies have shown pretty conclusively that there is a direction in which the human psyche heads as it develops. That is to say, the way humans grow and develop has been mapped out quite a bit. We know what steps most people take as they grow in the way they see the world, and this in turn effects how our societies, cultures and faiths look.

In this series we look at this roadmap to see where are we on the journey, where are we going and how might we use this information to interact more healthily with others and grow more intentionally.

These videos are seriously in depth and will take some serious time to watch and will require a lot of additional time to process in serious contemplation if you are to get the most out of them.

I cannot stress enough that this is a HUGE topic that has a massive scope for changing your life. It is also likely to upset you profoundly unless you are already well on the way to deconstructing your faith. You have been warned.

Total Time – 15hrs 53 minutes


  1. An Introduction to Spiral Dynamics

The Stages

  1. Purple – Magic / Tribal
  2. Red – Warrior
  3. Blue – Traditional / Fitting in
  4. Orange – Modern / Rational
  5. Green – Post-Modern
  6. Yellow – Integral

Mapping the Evolution of Spirituality

  1. The Bible
  2. God
  3. Jesus
  4. Prayer & Worship
  5. Sin & Salvation
  6. Heaven & Hell
  7. Kingdom of Heaven
  8. The Mystical

Misc Videos

  1. Spiral Dynamics For Those Deconstructing
  2. Ken Wilber – Human Development
  3. James Fowler – Stages of Faith