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John Watson

You’re a brave man for taking this subject on. I will be praying for your protection from the haters on both sides. JK (sort of). But as Christian who struggled for years with my sexual identity, I am delighted at your approach and your research into the historical aspect of the subject. I have always been a big fan of your work and am delighted to partner with you.

Bev Caddy

So far, I’ve watched the intro video. I’ll raise my hand and confess I was one whi, several years ago, had a huge turn around when it comes to this topic. I believe God changed my heart towards folk in the LGBTI community and my speaking up for these people has caused a LOT of condemnation heaped on me by those in the church. But God loves all his kids regardless of their sexual orientation and I will continue to say this until the Spirit tells me otherwise.

Kim Shinedling

Ah I’m so excited to go through this series. Thank you so so much for letting God use you as a voice on this topic to help be the bridge between the divide. I don’t understand how this became the ‘ultimate sin’. Love is love and Jesus would never ever have treated us the way so many people in the church now do. It’s amazing work you are doing for Him and for His people, helping to reconcile at least a little of the tragic brokenness in this area. So many LGBT people think they cannot have God because of… Read more »

Davina Langner

Hi Phil, thank you so much for digging so deep, for presenting us with such detailed and well-grounded teaching. You did a great job and I really enjoyed listening to you. You are always very fair, balanced and diplomatic in your arguments, always loving and still honest :-) I hope we will one day meet each other in person!