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Hollie Edmunds
2 years ago

I really enjoyed that.. actually brought me to tears.. in a good way .. thank you Phil ?

Hollie Edmunds
2 years ago
Reply to  Phil Drysdale

Just the fact that you are open minded and still use scripture.. You are not closed off and seek to know the truth even if it might offend some people. I think that can be rare unfortunately and I appreciate that you are willing to go there for the truth.

1 year ago

Thank you for doing this work. It was about 5 years ago I first watched a YouTube video of you teaching about grace, the new covenant, and the law. Your influence on my life has allowed me to live with an unshakeable faith in God’s grace and love. And this video series has really helped me delve into the nuance and complexity of this hugely important (*and divisive*!) topic. I am inspired by how you have managed to follow your passion 100%. You have a gift as a teacher-I say-and a real gift to live out the humility and gentleness… Read more »

Shelby Figueroa
1 year ago

I appreciate the desire for others to come to their own conclusion. One of the reasons I’ve stayed at my church (and work there) is because that is what they desire as well. I am affirming of loving, committed, and consensual relationships between two people…but I’ve only come to that conclusion about 5-6 years ago. Thank you!

Kaitlin Morrison
1 year ago

Wow. I’ve never seen such a nuanced take on this topic before. Thanks for putting in the time and effort. So far, most affirming and non-affirming arguments have seemed unsatisfying because there’s a real tendency to pull out a verse or two and declare it over–clearly, it’s not so black and white, as you’ve abundantly pointed out. I’m also amazed that you speak to both camps in this…maybe both sides actually have some value in the Church, somehow. I’m not sure. After this, I’m still not totally sure where I personally stand. I’ve been undecided on this for at least… Read more »

April Oberholtzer
2 months ago

The celibacy case was one I heard all the time growing up. I often heard it explained as, “Homosexuals should be celibate because God calls heterosexuals to celibacy too” but I noticed that when I had friends or people in the church who claimed that “had that gift of celibacy” who then went on to get married and have kids, no one confronted them and told them they were breaking God’s law and sinning. I mean, if God specifically called them to be celibate and we all knew… shouldn’t one of us have stepped up to them and said, “Wait,… Read more »