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Martin Fell
2 years ago

Great stuff Phil, a couple of other things to consider. Even if the passages was about homosexuality, would the Father as revealed by Jesus really destroy a whole city with a lot of innocents in it for the ‘sin’ of homosexuality (especially since Paul says God has never had a record of any human sin!) I think not!

Also both the Greek and Hebrew words ‘angel’ simply means ‘messenger’ These 2 messengers are as likely to be humans as supernatural beings (more likely I would say!) Confusion has been brought by translators transliterating ‘angel’ rather than translating it into English…

Anne Beauchamp
2 years ago

Is there any connection between the threat of unwanted homoerotic acts and the power/status/hierarchy/dominance, about which you spoke in the Greco Roman video, all under the umbrella of hospitality in this story?

Bev Caddy
2 years ago

Hi Phil, like Anne I was thinking of threat of rape towards the strangers were linked to power/status/heirachy etc. As psychologists tell us, rape is about power and control and not sex. Could it be that Lot, who may have been one of the most powerful men (if not the most powerful man) in the city showing deference to strangers made the other men in the city fearful that someone they don’t know could take Lot’s place? I also doubt it was everyone in the city banging on Lots door. Several times in the OT it says the entire Nation… Read more »