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christopher wilson

So prior to incarnation jesus existed in some sort of heavenly bodily form? Is that also how God could say let Us make man in our image? Not just with emotion or spirt or a will but a reflection of Jesus. Im not sure if I’m asking the question correctly. Im know I’m not asking if he was a man floating in heaven and hanging out with Papa and Holy Spirt. Help? We are taught traditionally that “in our image” is about mind, will, emotions, and spirit but it seems there is even more to this image thing. Yes?

Hi Christopher,

I don’t think we can really say either way. We simply don’t know.

I think that there could be some element of Jesus having some form before creation – however we maybe should be careful in presuming so.

What we do know is that “took on flesh” which seems to me to suggest that whatever His form was before it was in some way altered by becoming human.

I do think that the image of God is probably primarily a spiritual and emotional thing as you were traditionally taught. But I could be wrong :)

steve covin

Just a thought., Jesus 100% man and 100% God…..not 50/50. Just as many places Jesus is called God and Son of God. We thought the DNA and blood type can from the female in procreation. It’s recently that we learn that the blood type and most of that gene pool comes from the male not the female. Jesus had a mother (Mary) and His father was (God). He had a one of a kind blood type. His blood and flesh was not from Adam. It had no sin in it….Jesus 100% man and 100% God. Genesis was always been my… Read more »

Hi Steve – absolutely – we seem to really struggle with that don’t we!

We either flip to:

100% God 0% Man – gnostic
0% God 100% Man – atheist
50% God 50% Man – not sure what that would be off the top of my head.

But He was fully man AND fully God.

Amazing stuff!

I’m no geneticist so didn’t know that myself – very interesting stuff indeed! Thanks for sharing it!

Nathan Smith

Loved it Phil! And seriously pumped to go through all of these!!!

I wanted to ask though, are these available for download anywhere? I often travel and don’t have wifi, but it’d be great to DL these to listen to these wherever I go!!

Thanks! And keep up the incredible Kingdom work you’re doing!!

kevin scholes

i know there is a profound truth here in what you are saying that God created man knowing he would become a man for all eternity and so it makes sense that he would make something compatible with himself ! and be happy with what he would become!? ?going to listen to it again

Yeah, I mulled over that one truth several times a week for years Kevin. It’s utterly staggering when we think about it both in it’s intentionality and it’s implications.

Daniel Langhart

Hi Phil. I just discovered “”, watched the romans-series and now the first video of identity. What is not so clear for me is the thing that Jesus would be a “man” for eternity. Do you think, where he is now (in heaven?), he is still a man with blood and flesh? I have no clue, but I thought, he (and we one day) would be in a different world with different kind of bodies or so… no clue… just asking… or what evidence do you have that he is still a man, breathing oxygen?

Hi Daniel, great question. We are told there will be a new Heaven and a new Earth (although the timeline and what those can look like have various different interpretations) and we are told that we will have glorified bodies as Christ has His glorified body. But again – what that looks like we can’t be sure of. But what we do know is that Christ HAS His glorified body and yet is still referred to, throughout the NT, as a man. We are told He ate with the disciples after He rose from the dead (there would have been… Read more »

Daniel Langhart

and sorry, I forgot to tell you: that course is just more than amazing!!! It’s mind-blowing!!!

Thanks so much! I’m really glad you are enjoying it!

john wilkins

I think of the profound desire god had to want to share His life with us. It is like two newly married people wanting a child, in there home they take a room and get it all ready they deck it out in love for their new child . Just as god made the earth and all it glory for us.God is devoted, dedicated to us desiring the best for us.That is why we feel the same toward our children God shares himself with us in feeling as he does

That’s a beautiful image… I can’t just see God painstakingly trying to get every detail just right… just like a new mother and father in eager anticipation :) Thanks for sharing!

Chris Brown

We are aware that when we see Jesus Christ we see God also . Jesus came to reveal the truth and the true identity of God to human kind. It is interesting that our best route to finding the truth of God is through our understanding of Jesus who became the Christ. So we read in some detail about his birth in great detail and about his lineage . We have a short snippet about the boy Jesus in the temple ,we quickly move through his experience in the desert , his ministry and subsequent crucifixion . Why should we… Read more »

Great thoughts Chris! I agree. This also happens when you read the gospels chronologically. There is a point where Jesus is doing great miracles and everyone knows he’s doing the work of God. Then they try make Him King. So He disappears off into the wilderness. And when He comes back He’s speaking in parables and stops doing huge healing ministry, when he does heal He tells people to tell nobody. It seems that this attempt to make Him a worldly King sobered up Jesus in some way and had a profound impact on how He ministered.. Perhaps because His… Read more »

Nikki Niemand

Hi Phil. Firstly, thank you for sharing your wonderful insights & revelations. I’m loving it. So many lights are going on. I just want to ask you if you have a transcript available- with the scripture references. It’s very important for me to study it properly/ read it in the Word …& have the scriptures available when sharing with others. Thank you.

Hi Nikki, thanks for the kind words, glad you are enjoying them.

I don’t have transcripts unfortunately, you’ll find that I tend to bounce around a lot etc. This series once we get into the teaching components of it will be literally just reading through Romans so as long as you are reading along you should have no problem to follow. Otherwise I just mention or quote scriptures as and when relevant when I’m speaking. If you need to often just typing the scripture into Google will bring up the exact reference for you :)

Shannon Hunsberger

Phil, what is the scripture reference for Christ crucified before foundations of earth. I have been searching. Thx!

Hey Shannon – I think this specific language links to Rev 13:8