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Anne Beauchamp

What is the past, when we were sinners? Is this mankind? Or in our personal lifetimes? When does/did saving by grace happen?

Great question Anne – it’s up for debate… I certainly don’t believe what I did exactly when I filmed these videos 4+ years ago. I think I’d argue we probably never really were sinners. Rather we believed we were and lived in that experience. Jesus came to take away that veil and expose sin for what it is and remove it’s consequences from us. Restoring us to right relationship with God.

Martin Fell

I think it’s important to recognise that in the NT ‘sin’ singular is an identity (the false identity of separation from God) not behaviours. Sins plural were breaking the law of Moses which only pre-cross Jews were under. So ‘sinners’ saved by grace doesn’t mean people who did bad things (although false identity leads to wrong actions) but means people who lived in a false identity. I personally believe that we don’t become righteous when we believe, we were made righteous before the foundation of the earth. When we believe it awakens us to what is already true of us…