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Eddie Thompson

How can we sin if sin has been put to death with Christ? Doesn’t being sin consciousness cause us to fall back under the laws of God where we live according to the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. Whereas to live under the tree of life would move us into continual righteousness. We both know that the law cannot make us righteous. We have been set free from the law and made righteous in Christ.

Eddie Thompson

BTW… I REALLY appreciate hearing your perspective of God’s AMAZING Grace. I am continually growing in my own understanding and it is encouraging to read of other believers who have began to see the TRUTH of God’s word being imparted to us. Bless you and your ministry Phil!

Absolutely Eddie! I’m not sure if you’ve listened through the Law module or better yet, the Romans module, but I go into this in more depth there. Sin is ultimately rooted in that virus that says “I know what is right and wrong and I can try and be good and not bad in my own efforts.”

Glad you are enjoying these videos :)

Bruce Fulton

When we sin it is really giving in to the flesh which has the law of sin still in it to do “it’s” desires. This is where the circumcision of Christ comes in where the inner man – the new creation created in righteousness and holiness is cut away from the body of flesh.( Col. 2:11 ) This is called being “in the spirit”. In our flesh is a parasite called “the law or principle of sin”. ( Romans 7:17,18,20,23 ) We are still responsible for what we do in these bodies and we can only subdue the flesh by… Read more »

Glad you liked this module Bruce – Great thoughts! Really well put.