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steve covin
6 years ago

I just praise God that I was taught to see me as beautiful….never a worm. I know this isn’t true of other religions. And, your stories are so similar to many of my Christian friends. My wife and I were so lucky….. But, as beautiful as we saw ourselves, It’s nothing compared to the Grace we see now.
The grace that lets me see others the same way as God sees them….as Christ.

Phil Drysdale
6 years ago
Reply to  steve covin

You are a lucky man indeed Steve! In my experience that isn’t all too common!

Louise Limb
3 years ago

It was a liberating thought that we are/ ‘allowed to be’ glorious.

Chesley Rowlett
2 months ago

Wow. I always totally bought into the idea that was must suppress ourselves to glorify god. never once did I think to see if that was actually biblical. Or consider how ridiculous that sounds. I feel as if my eyes have been opened and now I feel ridiculous for not noticing this sooner. I was a debater and did apologetics for years for goodness sake. And now I am a biochemist in a PhD program so luckily the ideology has never held me back but definitely affected my personal self esteem. I can’t believe I didn’t use all those critical… Read more »