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steve covin

That’s it…Christianity is not about getting rid of our sin…it’s about discovering how Righteous and Holy you have become. When I stumble my wife doesn’t say “Steve, quit it” and then “just how stupid I was”. She reminds me of just how Righteous I am. When I dropped her puzzle last week and destroyed the weeks of progress on her half finished puzzle…then angrily kicked the ball out of the way. She just reinforce who I am and with her words.,….Snap back to reality -I am the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus. The understanding of Grace would eliminate marriage… Read more »

Yes Sarah does the same with me as well – it’s amazing to have people who can remind us of this process.

I know the process is about discovering our righteousness… but sometimes it’s all too easy to become our own accuser! Especially if we’ve had a lifetime of practice! That’s why having people to remind us of the truth – and we ourselves reminding others of the truth – is so important.

Daniel Langhart

Hi Phil

That’s the thing I am struggling with… it seems to me that we have to lie about our-selfs. Can I be a sinner and holy at the same time? Or must I lie about it, and even though i have my anger, I must ignore it and think about myself that I am holy? I don’t really get it… And I really wish to understand more about it…

I don’t think it’s about ignoring the truth but living from a higher reality.

God exhorts the weak to say they are strong!

He doesn’t tell them to say they aren’t weak. i.e. to deny reality. In fact, they must know they are weak to know they are elegable to proclaim “I am strong”.

So it’s in a sense both. We can be very aware of our faults and failings. But we must not find our identity in them. Instead we find our identity in Christ. We say it is when I am weak He is made strong :)

Hope that helps.


So that means I don’t need to go to a deliverance ministry, confess all my sins, renounce covenants and command demons to leave?

You can – I personally would just focus on Christ in you and let any issues fade away naturally.

Demons tend to struggle to hang around Jesus.

Just don’t go near any fields of pigs or farmers will hate you! haha

Susan DeSantell

This is beautiful! Loving the teachings! Thank you so much!
What would you say about “sanctification” in regards to this message? (As this is often described as the process of becoming more holy… ?)

Hey Susan – great question – Sanctification is the process of becoming holy – or set apart – and it’s something that is done in Christ at the cross. We HAVE been sanctified.

Here is an old podcast I did on the topic –

Shannon Hunsberger

@phil I just listened to your podcast abt sanctification, I have been questioning this whole sanctification thing, and the other day abt the verse, working out our salvation. The podcast helped tremendously clear that all up!❤