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steve covin

Great…Now I have faith I can pick up right here Friday. Got to go get some grandkids.

kevin scholes

thats something i have never practised before understanding that everyone has been made righteous ,so who calls them sinners?but i will try to look with that view now at people with that in mind theyve been put right with God (thats right isn’t it?

I think we can all call ourselves sinners – in the sense that we all are people who have sinned. But it should be a past reality as far as our identity is concerned. (Or in this case, we don’t even place other people’s identity in it.) To be honest we all still “sin” as in screw up every now and then. So if we are being pedantic we can say we are “sinners” but I think on the whole it’s not very helpful as we tend to find a lot of identity in what we call ourselves.

Kelly Barnes

Ahhh!!! So good! You explain and unpack things so well Phil – thank you.

Aw thanks so much Kelly! Hope you are doing well :)

Shannon Hunsberger

You are giving loads to chew on!
But I am reminded of books I have read with your teachings.

Lifetime Guarantee by Bill Gilliam
Who I am in Christ by Neil T. Anderson