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So would you say that many of today’s Churches are like the Judaizers who bewitch us to not obey the truth. That we are righteous forever and we no longer sin?

I think that in many ways the Pharisees and Judaizers of Jesus and Paul’s day are very much still with us!


In looking at the comments above, I can only say….it’s not so much that “they are still with us” but that old nature is very much available for me to walk in just as it was/is for pharisees. It is just as easy for me to judge and stand in judgement and unforgiveness ignoring the Life of Christ! The difference is that He’s opened my eyes…it was HIS work, not mine!! Those pharisees and whatever you want to call them, are just like you and I…..waiting to hear the message of the Kingdom of God….of who they really are, not… Read more »