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Jeff Walker

Hey man is there no way to contact you? I don’t see a way to send you an email or anything like that on your website. I saw the Facebook link to the discussion group but I quit Facebook over a year ago and I haven’t looked back. I just hav an idea I want to float by you and an mail address would be great. Thanks for your videos man!

Hi Jeff – you can just reply to any of the emails you get from me.

I am very slow at replying though as I have a painful nerve condition in my hands and wrists that makes it very hard for me to type so please bear with me when waiting :)

kevin scholes

where does it say sin is not something we do ??? please lovin the stuff but still have questions ?

Hey Kevin, So this basically is boiled down from the language surrounding the word sin. There are lots of words translated as “sin in our NT but the two main words translated as “sin” are hamartano (verb) and hamartia (noun). Harmartano (verb) is most commonly explained to mean “to miss the mark” that is – to perfrom a sinful act. Hamartia (noun) is also commonly interpreted to mean “to miss the mark,” however in a different sense that is not commonly conveyed in our English translations (both just tend to be dumbed down to “sin”.) This word tends to refer… Read more »

I could probably do a whole module on sin itself to be honest. It’s a fascinating topic and one we dumb down a lot and run into a lot of problems when we do.

kevin scholes

why did God ever give the law what a mess why all this confusion? about coming out of the law ?

A great question – there are many who question how much the law was God’s idea at all… including some in the scripture. See the “Is God Really Good?” series on here for more on that. But it’s not for the faint of heart!

Susan DeSantell

These teachings are seriously anointed. Enough said.

You are so kind Susan – I’m really glad you are enjoying them! Thanks for all your encouraging words!