2019 Interviews

Brenda Marie Davies (God is Grey) - Sex Positivity & Sexual Integrity - 1 hr 10 mins

In this episode I talk with Brenda Marie Davies. You may know her as the host of the “God is Grey” channel on YouTube where she discusses sex, sexuality, politics and Christianity. Get strapped in for a really good chat in this episode where Brenda doesn’t pack any punches and shares why the Church needs to wake up and think twice about what it’s teaching about sex and sexuality.

Time – 1 hr 10 mins


Topics discussed:

  • Brenda’s sexual journey – from chastity ball throwing to “trampage” to sexual integrity.
  • How purity culture is harming the church
  • Why purity culture works for some but it doesn’t for many
  • The dangerous side-effect of the prohibition of sex
  • Why anti-sex education is harming our kids (and disconnecting them from their families)
  • How to tell the difference between conviction and guilt/shame
  • How the church can be teaching about sex better
  • and lots more!

David Hayward (The Naked Pastor) - Spiritual Independence - 54 mins

In this episode I talk with David Hayward or as most of you will know him – The Naked Pastor. He’s mostly famous for his fantastic cartoons which you will see circulating social media all the time. He also runs an incredible community for people who are deconstructing their faiths and need to do so in a safe place with other people. David is a really great, down-to-earth guy with an immense amount of wisdom. I hope you enjoy listening in on our chat.

Time – 54 mins

Topics discussed:

  • David’s journey pastoring multiple types of church
  • His decision to step out of pastoring a local church
  • The importance of finding spaces that allow us to grow
  • Letting go of shame, embarrassment and regret of past beliefs
  • How growth is not a linear journey but an expansion
  • Finding language that brings healing and inclusion
  • The common traits that hold people back from finding peace
  • The keys to moving forward in finding peace
  • How to find community when you aren’t in a local church
  • Finding spiritual independence
  • and lots more!

2018 Interviews

Colby Martin - LGBTQ & The Church - 56 mins

In this podcast I chat with Colby Martin who is a pastor from San Diego. Colby has been very outspoken on the topic of affirming the LGBTQ community and wrote a great book called unclobber which I think is one of the easiest to read, well studied and thought out resources for anyone who wants to understand how a Christian can hold an affirming position.

We mostly end up talking about the church as a whole and the importance of communities that allow differing opinions and the future of the church as a whole in light of this. But there is some great stuff on LGBTQ as well for those who want a brief glimpse into that topic.

Time – 56 mins

Topics discussed:

  • Exploring who we really are?
  • Do certain expressions of church stifle exploring our true identity?
  • Why communities need to be safe places to ask questions
  • Why the church is worth saving
  • Why leaders need to be vulnerable and open
  • The problem with linking our beliefs to our standing with God
  • How to handle inter-church relations when there is so much difference of opinion?
  • Why is homosexuality THE issue in the church?
  • Why is it most people who change their minds on this topic have a loved one who is LGBTQ?
  • Is there something we can do to make ourselves more open to changing our views on theological issues?
  • Is this just a slippery slope?
  • and lots more!
Dan Heroy - Watch Your Language, Why Millennials Are Leaving The Church & Duality - 1 hr 15 mins

This podcast is with my good friend of Dan Heroy – if you’ve been around for a while you’ll be familiar with Dan.

Time – 1hr 15 mins

Topics discussed:

  • The importance of our language
  • Why we must be careful that we don’t let it drive wedges in our relationships
  • Why are millennials leaving the church?
  • What can churches do to future-proof themselves?
  • The importance of creating discussion, opening up to questions and making sure people feel heard.
  • Duality and the problems it creates in our faith and churches.
  • and lots more!
Beck & Bre Hanan - Asking an LGBTQ Couple How Can the Church Do Better - 1 hr 31 mins
This week’s interview is with Beck & Bre Hanan.

I actually went to Bible School with Bre although we didn’t know each other at the time. Beck and Bre are a queer couple who love Jesus. They were thrust into the spotlight when they released an open letter to Bethel “Dear Bethel: Open Letter from an LGBT Alumni” which went viral. They have a site designed to help educate people on LGBTQ issues and give voice to Christians who identify as queer.

This podcast is going to be a big push for a lot of you! But trust me – there is so much great stuff to learn within this podcast – regardless of what your theological positions! If you want to learn how to love people who identify as LGBTQ and claim to love Jesus then this is a podcast you don’t want to miss!

Follow Beck & Bre at:
Their Website

Resources mentioned:
Their resources page – lots of great info for people seeking to know more

Time – 1hr 31 mins

Topics discussed:

  • Can there be room for different perspectives on LGBTQ issues in the church?
  • Has the narrative around LGBTQ been distorted?
  • What do churches need to do to welcome LGBTQ Christians into their communities?
  • Some tips for Christians who don’t affirm LGBTQ but want to love people well.
  • The importance of being clear where you stand as a church.
  • How to approach the LGBTQ community with grace regardless of your position on the topic?
  • Learning to see the person beyond their sex or sexuality.
  • and lots more!
Mark Sanchez - From Pastor to Mental Institute | Why so many pastors struggle | Learning to celebrate questions | Why churches struggle to hold on to young adults | Learning to be present - 1 hr 14 mins
This week’s interview is with Mark Sanchez.

Mark has been a pastor for many years, he was the senior pastor of a successful church in New England, travelling all over the place preaching on the grace and love of God. He moved in the supernatural and saw amazing things everywhere he want. And then he ended up in a mental institute. Here we talk about some of his story and a whole bunch of other things. It’s a lot more relaxed than usual (maybe this will be the new format – I loved it!) and we just jump right into it so don’t be surprised that there are no formalities :)

Time – 1hr 14 mins

Topics discussed:

  • The importance for vulnerability and authenticity – especially in pastors
  • Why so many pastors struggle
  • How certainty has become an idol for many of us
  • Struggling with the Old Testament
  • The trap of being driven by ministry
  • Why churches are struggling to keep young adults coming along
  • Learning to celebrate our questions
  • How the noise of Christianity can create a barrier that stops us being present with God
  • and lots more!
Seth Dahl - Win Win Parenting | Helping kids grow with God | Communicating your needs and helping kids do the same - 41 mins
This week’s interview is with Seth Dahl.

Seth Dahl is a writer and worldwide speaker to adults and children. He is known for his powerful wisdom communicated through a contagious joy and childlikeness. Seth loves to empower families to build a strong connection that fosters peace and creates a thriving family culture. You may know Seth from his role as Children’s director at Bethel Church in Redding, CA where he served for over a decade.

Follow Seth at:
Seth’s Website
Seth’s Facebook
Seth’s Twitter
Seth’s Instagram

Resources mentioned:
Win / Win Parenting – Seth’s Latest Book

Time – 41 mins

Topics discussed:

  • How to parent with win / win results
  • How to implement healthy boundaries
  • How to communicate your needs well
  • Helping kids to know their needs and communicate them
  • Is it ever too late to apply these principles?
  • Helping kids be powerful and embrace self-control
  • How as parents do we help our kids grow in their faith.
  • Avoiding the trap of trying to manage what your kid’s relationship with God looks like
  • and lots more!

2017 Interviews

Brad Jersak - A More Christlike God | Finding a Christlike God in the OT | Finding freedom in thinking differently - 49 mins
This week’s interview is with theologian Brad Jersak.

Brad is an author and teacher who has written books on hearing God’s voice, Hell and how to reconcile the God of the OT with the one presented by Jesus – this will be the primary topic of today’s podcast. He is the Editor in Chief of Christianity Without Religion magazine, a faculty member of Westminster Theological Centre as well as St. Stephen’s University. He has a passion for the church to be united in the person of Jesus and for us to walk in a generous orthodoxy that recognises people’s journey with God.

Follow Brad at:
Brad’s Website
Brad’s Facebook
Brads’s Twitter

Resources mentioned:
Can You Hear Me?: Tuning in to the God Who Speaks – A wonderful book on hearing God’s voice
Children, Can You Hear Me?: How to Hear and See God – The children’s version of the above book
Her Gates Will Never Be Shut: Hope, Hell, and the New Jerusalem – A great look at the Bible’s discussion of Hell
A More Christlike God: A More Beautiful Gospel – The book we focused on primarily in this interview
Jesus Showed Us! – The children’s version of the above book

Time – 49 mins

Topics discussed:

  • Brad’s experience of various Christian movements and how he learned to embracing them all
  • How we can have healthy relationship with people who believe differently
  • Having relationship with a Christlike God
  • How to find that Christlike God throughout the Old Testament
  • Allowing a Christlike God to shape our theology
  • Finding freedom in learning to think differently
  • How much of our “new” thinking is actually very old thinking
  • Understanding the Trinity
  • and lots more!
Ray Edwards - God & work | Healing & prophecy at work | Does God give us permission to prosper? - 1hr 13mins
This week’s interview is with entrepreneur Ray Edwards.

Ray sees God do all sorts of incredible things in his business and with his clients. We discuss what it looks like to be yourself as a Christian in business, allowing space for the supernatural and is it OK for us as Christians to prosper financially.

Follow Ray at:
Ray’s Website
Ray’s Facebook
Ray’s Twitter

Time – 1hr 13mins

Topics discussed:

  • How atheists and agnostics get saved at Ray’s business conferences
  • How to marry God and business
  • Finding freedom to be yourself in your work life
  • Allow space for the supernatural in business
  • Learning to work from a place of grace
  • How Ray walked away from a $150,000 deal
  • Does putting people first need to cost your business?
  • Does God give us permission to prosper?
  • How prosperity is never about the bank account
  • How to impact the poor effectively
  • and lots more!
Samuel Verbi - Christian Dating | Purity Culture | What if there isn’t someone for everyone? - 1hr 3mins
This week’s interview is with researcher Samuel Verbi.

Samuel is one of my best friends and possesses one of the keenest minds I’ve come across.

He is multi-talented but spends most of his days heading up research company Eido Research in London.

They have done research for churches and charities internationally. In this talk we dive into one of Samuel’s specialities – Christian dating culture – specifically the gap between the sexes. The fact that there are 60% women / 40% men in the church will not surprise many but few think it’s consequences through as we continue to teach our young people “God has someone specific out there for you.”

Follow Samuel at:
Eido Research’s Website
Eido’s Facebook

Time – 1hr 3mins

Topics discussed:

  • The 60/40 gap and why it’s bigger than you think
  • The harm done by telling everyone ‘God has someone for them’
  • Why Christian women seek one type of man but attract another
  • Why the church wants men to ‘man up’
  • Gender roles in Christian dating
  • Why Christian girls end up dating non-Christians
  • How the Church loves to create trophy wives
  • Purity Culture
  • and much much more
Tina Schermer Sellers - Sex | Sexual shame | Why Christians have the worst sex lives - 1hr 17mins
This week’s interview is with renowned sexologist – Dr. Tina Schermer Sellers.

Tina is a sex guru. She has a Ph.D. in clinical sexology, has done formal research on the effect of sexual shame on couples’ intimacy, has a great a blog, started an online community called Thank God for Sex, hosts regular intimacy retreats for couples, speaks at various venues, is the author of Sex, God & the Conservative Church, and established the Northwest Institute on Intimacy encouraging all therapists who treat couples to become proficient at improving intimacy and sexuality in the people they serve.
Follow Tina at:
Tina’s Website
Tina’s Facebook
Tina’s Twitter

Time – 1hr 17mins

Topics discussed:

  • Why sex is important to talk about
  • Why don’t Christians talk about sex positively
  • The importance of raising kids with a healthy understanding of sex
  • How Christians don’t understand sex as well as their non-Christian counterparts
  • Why Christians have the worst sex lives
  • Why shame is so intricately linked to Christian sex
  • How can we promote healthy sex lives to our young people
  • The key to having your kids talk to you about sex
  • Why sex has become a transaction in Christian marriages
  • How to kickstart your sex-life with your partner
  • How to find freedom from sexual shame
  • and much much more
Dan Heroy - Living in grace | How to be a success | Managing your inner world in the midst of chaos - 1hr 13mins
This week’s interview is with my friend Dan Heroy.

Dan is a realtor, musician, producer, worship leader and best of all he is my partner in the gospel whenever I make it over to the East Coast in America – we’ve put some serious milage on his cars over the years!!

Follow Dan at:
Dan’s project St Theodore’s Website
Dan’s Website

Time – 1hr 13mins

Topics discussed:

  • How to lead worship in grace
  • How Dan sells houses in grace
  • The danger of comparison
  • The importance of embracing the journey
  • How to pursue your dreams without entering into striving
  • What is success and how we need to redefine it
  • How can we be successful
  • Creating systems to navigate success
  • How to live gracefully in today’s judgmental world
  • Managing your inner world in the midst of chaos
  • The role of prophecy in politics
  • and much much more
Sean Edwards - Christians & gay marriage | How to have a kingdom government | What's the church's role in society - 1hr
This week’s interview is with my friend Sean Edwards.

Sean is a business man, travelling speaker, author and political thought leader… but most importantly he’s one of my good friends!

We’ve put in some serious time talking about a lot of deep stuff over the years and today I’m excited to unleash him on all of you for an hour! It’s not one you want to miss!

Resources mentioned:
Sean Edwards – The End of Days: The Shocking Truth About The Times In Which We Live
Sean Edwards – American Resurrection: The Failure Of The U.S. Constitution And The Rebirth Of A Nation
Sean Edwards – Why Conservative Christians Need To Support Gay Marriage
Sean Edwards – A Christian’s Call To End The War On Drugs
Follow Sean at:
Sean’s Website
Sean’s Facebook Page

Don’t forget that Sean is also giving away his latest book for free on his Website so do check that out!

Time – 1hr

Topics discussed:

  • Sean’s journey from a very left-wing upbringing into social-conservatism and out again into something entirely new
  • Why Sean thinks Christians should support gay marriage
  • How do we have a kingdom government that isn’t enforcing kingdom values
  • What does it look like to have kingdom freedom in government
  • How Christians have completely missed it when it comes to leadership
  • What the churches responsibility is in changing society
  • Is the Kingdom socialist?
  • Embracing creative ways to bring about change
  • What does a moral government look like
  • and much much more
The audio goes out of sync with the video on this recording for about 5mins… just power through, it fixes itself. Sorry :)
Carlos Rodriguez - Doing life with people we completely disagree with | Christianity's biggest problem | What is church? - 1hr 2mins
This week’s interview is with my friend Carlos Rodriguez.

Carlos is a church pastor, travelling speaker, author and the man behind Happy Sonship.

Resources mentioned:
Carlos Rodriguez – Drop the Stones
Carlos Rodriguez – Simply Sonship
Follow Carlos at:
Carlo’s Website
Carlo’s Facebook Page

Time – 1hr 2minutes

Topics discussed:

  • How Carlo’s got saved by Billy Graham and his experience in multiple streams
  • How to learn from different streams and heretics
  • How to do life with people we fundamentally disagree with
  • How to love the “unlovable”
  • Avoiding becoming “pro-christian” at the expense of being “Christlike”
  • Christianity’s problem with needing to win
  • Picking your battles
  • The importance of community
  • What even is the church?
  • Learning to embrace true freedom
  • and much much more
Derrick Day - God's not mad at you | How to love the 'unlovable' | Pastoring in grace - 38mins
This second interview is with my friend Derrick Day.

Derrick is a solid guy! A pastor, church planter, public speaker and author!

He’s a great guy to follow on Facebook too!

Resources mentioned:
Derrick Day – Deconstructing Religion
Follow Derrick at:
Derrick’s Youtube Channel
Derrick’s Website
Derrick’s Facebook Page

Time – 38 Minutes

Topics discussed:

  • Derrick’s personal journey in faith
  • God isn’t mad at you
  • Reframing your relationships with radical love
  • How to love the “unlovable”
  • Hell
  • Learning to love the process of changing our beliefs
  • Fitting our doctrine into Love
  • What is the role of the Church?
  • How to pastor in grace
  • Failing on the side of grace, liberty and love.
  • and much much more
John Crowder - Sound theology meets the supernatural | Disagreeing well | The cross | Universalism - 1hrs 1min
This is the first of many amazing interviews I have lined up for you.

John is a great guy and a good friend of mine.

Resources mentioned:
John Crowder – Mystical Union
John Crowder – Cosmos Reborn
John Crowder – The New Mystics
John Crowder – Money, Sex, Beer, God

Follow John at:
John’s Website
John’s Youtube Channel
John’s Facebook Page

Time – 1 Hr 1 Minutes

Topics discussed:

  • Johns personal journey in faith
  • Marrying love of theology and love of the supernatural
  • Learning from people we disagree with
  • Deconstructing without falling into despair
  • Sharing with people who believe differently
  • Walking in authenticity in all situations
  • When “authenticity” disagrees with God
  • What happened at the cross
  • What about universalism
  • and much much more