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Chris Nolan
1 year ago

Phil, this is amazing! At first I was like, “What, Phil is now taking us into psychology??”, but I now see how this is related to our walk with God. Specifically, this teaching is really helping me solidify my confidence that moving from Blue to Orange isn’t a step in the wrong direction, it’s just the beginning. When most of your family and friends are disagreeing with you and you feel all alone, you need an anchor. Thanks for investing 3 years worth of time and energy into developing this course. You have an amazing ability to absorb so much… Read more »

Bärbel Wolfes-Maduka
1 year ago

This is sooo good, I thought, I will not Listen to this topic, cause not really understanding the title. But now after 5 minutes I am already addicted!!!! And also generally so much hope for the Future of humanity and this planet .its getting better!!!!