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Anne Beauchamp

Thank you for your careful handling of this topic.

Personally, I have never understood why whether another person’s sexuality is a choice is of concern. Even if it was a choice – what does that matter?

Bev Caddy

Phil, like you, I’m not fully happy with the term ‘affirming’ either but I really appreciated how you defined what affirming and non-affirming means. To be honest, I think I wobble between 100% affirming the majority of the time to 95% affirming very very occasionally.


I would fully agree with your conclusions here. I would also add that early childhood influences might possibly begin in utero. What about the effects of synthetic hormones (ie modern day birth control) or the actual birthing experience? The Secret Life of the Unborn Child sheds some scant but interesting light on how birth can effect sexual orientation.

Jay Rees

Hey Phil, as a gay man I can confirm this is correct- the spectrum is massive and each individual is unique. Within the gay community we do tend to form groups upon where we land on the spectrum. From the more fem to more masculine. I’ve observed the more fem guys tend to be aware of their homsexuality at a much younger age and therefore have to come to terms with being exposed to society early on. Masculine guys tend to become aware of their homsexuality round puberty and may mask/suppress their feelings for several years.

Alec Barney

My thoughts on this really goes back and forth and after watching this video, at the moment, can a person be born and grow to have homosexual desires (attractions)…yes. I don’t have any evidence necessarily to side with data that a child can be genetically born with homosexual desires. I worked with kids since I was 12 (at a childcare facility for 7 years and raised a niece since she was two months). Genesis 8:21 “…every inclination of the heart is evil from childhood…” I do struggle with same sex attraction and I do believe that same sex attraction is… Read more »

James Parker

Hi Phil, Can you reference the science that you seemed to say confirms that being gay is determined/partly determined by nurture?