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Oscar Rodriguez
1 year ago

Thus lesson is very important to understand the context of some passages and the culture. Good job!

ellen black
1 year ago

What is the spelling of the person you mentioned at 25:26 that wrote the text about men marrying other men and women marring other men, and why it was considered more of a perversion of gender roles rather than the act itself being wrong?

Taylor Anderson
7 months ago

Hey Phil, 2 questions: When Philo is talking about gender roles and arguing homoeroticism is against the role of men, is it possible he was defending the role of women as well? I know it was cultural for women to be property, lower class, less educated, etc, even up to Jesus’ time, but I am not educated in this arena and had never heard this argument against homoeroticism. As many 21st century believers agree, to be a woman is beautiful and the crown jewel of mankind; I am just curious, as a heterosexual white male, is it possible that much… Read more »