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Jeff Walker
3 years ago

hey man, Download in SD doesn’t work. I’ve run into this for a handful of other videos, too.

3 years ago
Reply to  Jeff Walker

Thanks so much Jeff – I’ll need to go through and find out all the ones that need to have the links updated. Something very strange has happened to the links. Will try get this fixed ASAP

kevin scholes
3 years ago

I am sorry but theres seems to be a contradiction here ,the law isn’t bad ? but its a ministry of death? the law is perfect but if it was it wouldn’t be weakened by the flesh , if it was holy why would it make sin increase????

3 years ago
Reply to  kevin scholes

Indeed, it’s a tough topic to grapple with. I think the main thing that is trying to be communicated is just because something is holy does not mean it is God’s best for us. In fact, it can be quite distructive. When God called everything He made “very good” the tree of the knowledge of good and evil was in there – and that ruined everything! So we must remember that it’s not as simple as “holy” or “good” is always the best. In fact, I think here what Paul is highlighting in these verses is that the law isn’t… Read more »

Audrey Miller
2 years ago
Reply to  Phil Drysdale

Hi I thank you so much for allowing me to comment. I am new with the grace course lessons the first one I chose to view is The Law in the New Testament. I just need to say thank you so much for the breakdown. I thank the Lord so much for the true gospel of grace I am hearing today. Pretty much all of my saved life I have been preached to, and taught a mixture of law and grace, its been a struggle to work my way through it with understanding and love, despite the condemnation and lack… Read more »

2 years ago
Reply to  Audrey Miller

So glad you liked it and it was helpful Audrey! You are right so many of us have been brought up in our faith in a mixture of law and grace. It can be quite the minefield to navigate our way back out of. Hope you are enjoying having answers for those who are questioning where you are coming from and hope you are continuing to find fresh answers, revelation and truth!

2 years ago

And thank God for your ministry.
I’m a Mexican who lives in the USA.
I have been blessed by your videos.
I’m completely new (2 days) in this webpage.
By any chance do you have transcripts for your lessons?

2 years ago

Hi Ruben,

So glad to hear you are enjoying the videos – unfortunately I don’t have transcripts… at some point, I’d love to get some transcripts done / subtitles. The problem is I have a condition in my hands/wrists that makes typing very painful for more than a few minutes at a time. So I’d have to outsource the task and that’s not something I can afford at this time.

Keep your eyes out though – it’ll happen eventually! The site is still very new and growing weekly.