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Jeff Walker

Dude these videos are excellent.

I’m so glad you are enjoying them Jeff! Thanks for the encouragement!

Audrey Miller

Thank you so much again. I’ve always loved the Old Testament stories, and now when I read them from a grace perspective, things are so much clearer so much more wonderful when I read about God and His interaction with His people. I’m so glad to know that this great, terrible, powerful, and wonderful God desires to have relationship with me through His lovely Son.

It’s so exciting to see from a fresh perspective God’s relentless love and grace in the Old Testament – it was a collection of writings that always made me nervous and now I see Jesus all throughout it calling Israel forward into a more loving and graceful relationship with the Father and their neighbours.

Susan DeSantell

All I can say in watching these is PRAISE GOD and AMEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you SO much for your CLEAR and accurate teaching. The Love of Christ is in you! :)

Thanks Susan – so glad you are enjoying the videos

SANNY Gnanasundaram

What verses in Galatians??

Can you clarify which verse you are talking about Sanny? I can’t watch the video right now so without more details I’m at a bit of a loss! (I filmed these over 4 yrs ago now!

Katelyn Hellenbrand

Listening through all this material again! So great and freeing. Can you explain again how you see relationship with God. You say it is hear His voice and obey but what is the differece between that and the knowledge of good and evil?
Thanks again for sharing all your knowledge!

For me Katelyn – it’s definitely a subjective thing. I perceive it differently – I know what it was like to be driven by good and bad – by moralism. This is different to me. It’s feeling led by something all together different. That said from an outside perspective I’m not sure it would look all that different. I’m not sure I could tell you what it looks like for you to hear God. It’s nuanced and unique for sure!