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kevin scholes
2 years ago

brilliant ! law in the garden ignorant of wrong relationship not right and wrong

2 years ago
Reply to  kevin scholes

Yes – when I first saw this connection I was kinda blown away – I couldn’t believe I hadn’t put the 2 together before, it seems so obvious now.

Audrey Miller
2 years ago
Reply to  Phil Drysdale

Hi: I have always believed laws in the land existed before God gave His’s by Moses. I believe God re wrote some existing laws of the land just for His chosen people to live by, and because He wrote them they were holy and righteous. And if they obeyed them that would have been indicative of their holy and righteous way of living before God.. I like the way you explained the law of the Spirit who tells us we will live with God holy and righteously not according to any laws, but through having faith in Christ.I also believe… Read more »

2 years ago
Reply to  Audrey Miller

Amen – He knew we would fall long before we were even created! It’s not really surprising really that God wasn’t particularly thrown by our disobedience :) Reconciliation was always in the works – before any issue even arose!