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Audrey Miller

Thank you so much for explaining that particular text. The passage of Scripture wasn’t easy to understanding the words of Jesus saying He did not come to destroy the law and the prophets but to fulfill. The particular Church community of believers I was with for years, had been my school master to Grace. I do realize now, even though it hurts because so many believers do not understand the Grace of God. I know now, God allowed me to come through the way that I did to bring me to where I am now in Him. And I’m so… Read more »

We all have our own journeys and we all need to take those journeys. I’m deeply thankful for every step of my journey and thankful for every step of yours. And I’ve even come to the place of not needing to drag people out of their path into mine. Perhaps they need another 6 months steeped in deep legalism before they get grace. That’s OK. It’s amazing what life can look like when you stop placing it on your shoulders to govern the world! haha

Thanks for sharing Audrey!

Susan DeSantell

Maybe you will get to it in an upcoming video… but can you please explain Matthew 7:23 where Jesus talks about those saying, “Lord, Lord… did we not prophesy and cast out demons in your name…” and He says, “Away from Me, I never knew you–depart from Me you who practice lawlessness.” Would love to hear your thoughts/context on this… as this verse comes up a LOT when I am having this grace/law discussion with friends. Thanks!

Great question Susan – I don’t think I do touch on it in any teachings. The Greek word is the word ἀνομία which is actually quite nuanced. It is often translated as lawlessness or iniquity but in a most literal sense it means to “be living as though you are outside the law” or “as though there is no law” Which many could claim is what I’m promoting. And in a way I guess it is. I think however that this isn’t talking about non observance of a specific law… it’s talking about being without a moral compass. The Bauer… Read more »