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Susan Lock
6 years ago

Hi Phil – just finished the Law module and it’s great! Just a couple of comments on this one. I don’t see Jesus as giving the rich young ruler an extra commandment, but rather saying, ‘you can’t even keep the first one because your wealth is the most important thing in your life, not God’. Do you address the topic of ‘a new commandment’ is any of the modules? I struggled with this one because it did seem to be telling me ‘to do to become’, which is how I have begun to see all law. But now I am… Read more »

Phil Drysdale
6 years ago
Reply to  Susan Lock

Hi Susan, Thanks so much for sharing. I’ve never actually looked at Jesus’ “rule” in that way – that it is highlighting the rich young rulers inability to even do the first of the many commandments he claims to be doing perfectly! Very interesting way to look at it indeed. I don’t actually teach specifically on the topic of “a new commandment I give to you” as stated in John 13… but it would be a great topic for us to discuss here as it is clearly the way that John chooses to share this same message of Jesus’. We… Read more »