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Steven Lutz

Phil, Thank you so much for all your work . Your ministry is changing my view of Christianity. It has brought clarity to many issues that I have struggled with for several decades. God Bless you.


Hey Steven, thanks so much man! That is awesome news! It blesses me massively to hear that you’ve benefited from the resources here and elsewhere. Thanks so much for the encouragement!

Gene Kotobalavu

Hi Phil……thanks for clarifying aspects of walking with the Spirit from moment to moment versus trying to obey bible rules and laws. Thanks for all you do even your admissions of times when you were teaching error and have since learnt the truth. We have all been down this road. Keep up the good work.

Thanks Gene – Appreciate your encouragement and glad you are enjoying the videos.

Katelyn Hellenbrand

when will the works module be released? You have brought me a lot of freedom and hope! thanks Phil!

Honestly – it’s kinda been put on pause as I’m focusing primarily on the modules on “sex, sexuality and gender”. “women in the church”. “the atonement” and maybe one on “satan”

Ellen McWilliams

Good stuff, Phil! Thanks for helping me during my ‘reconstruction’ phase.

You are so welcome Ellen – the reconstruction phase is a whole lot more fun than the deconstruction ?