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Al Brin

I have always struggled with the book of James, which sounds to me like a judgmental Baptist preacher. No much grace spoken of there, but quite a bit about the law and how works will justify us by showing our faith…

Mae Tipper

Thank you Brother Phil, I am sooo blessed by God through this teaching. The teaching “LOVE OVER LAW” Explains why , like Peter, we are not confident in prayer, that we are the one who Jesus loves therefore we doubt He will answer us. We focus on the ME instead of the We. And focus on our performance . No wonder Paul prayed “that they would know the love of God , it’s height , depth and breadth and be filled up with all the fullness of God.”
May you continue to enjoy the love God has for you

Eddie Thompson

I think we also have to remember that James was one of the first books of the New Testament. We also have to realize that the other disciples struggled to understand God’s Grace because they had lived so long under the law. Paul was chosen by God to bring out mystery upon mystery that had been hidden since the foundations of the world. Paul knee the law better than any of them and was able to teach those who were living under the law to move toward grace. It was easier to move the Gentiles toward grace because they were… Read more »