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Al Brin
2 years ago

I’m tracking with you except for prophecy…doesn’t explain prophecy.

Chris Nolan
1 year ago
Reply to  Phil Drysdale

Another way of looking at it, which Greg Boyd explains nicely, is that each of us only really has a small amount of free will. For example, because of previous experiences, etc, people often have ingrained ways of reacting in different situations. If someone is scared of spiders, there is a good chance that they’re going to run away from a spider. This means that the future is largely determined, and God can predict many/most things.

Rachel Hammond
2 years ago

Hi Phil, I haven’t heard of open theism before, but it sits so well with me. Only a very secure being would do it, and only a secure being could even think of it, and if there’s one thing I know, and thats God is SO VERY SECURE. I’m really interested in learning more about prayer, how to, what to, along with prophecy and declaration, all types of prayer I know. I’v been out of the ‘praying with others’ loop for a while. Sometimes because people talk to God like they know better and I can’t be bothered with all… Read more »

Bärbel Wolfes-Maduka
1 year ago

Love it, the breath thing is so beautiful! And God create People to create, great!! Thanks

Lauren McIntire
1 year ago

Have you ever heard of a rhetorical question?