Open Theism: Is the Future Set in Stone

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I’m tracking with you except for prophecy…doesn’t explain prophecy.

Hi Al, there are many ways Open Theist explain prophecy – I thought I explained it in the video – but it may have been in the Q&A I had with the students afterward. The concept is that while the future is open there are very much elements that God is working towards and it will happen.

The master chess player might “prophecy” that they will beat me at chess in 30 turns. They might not have any idea how they will beat you or what moves you will do. But they are good enough to ensure they will end that game by beating you on the 30th turn. That’s a very dumbed down explanation but it’s maybe an idea of how an OT would see prophecy working.

Hi Phil,
I haven’t heard of open theism before, but it sits so well with me. Only a very secure being would do it, and only a secure being could even think of it, and if there’s one thing I know, and thats God is SO VERY SECURE.
I’m really interested in learning more about prayer, how to, what to, along with prophecy and declaration, all types of prayer I know. I’v been out of the ‘praying with others’ loop for a while. Sometimes because people talk to God like they know better and I can’t be bothered with all that, sometimes because I don’t know how to pray anymore in light of what you are talking about at the end of the video here. To me open theism sounds the way to pray, but then, how.
Please, if you could, would you do an in-depth teaching about this topic. You’re so grounded and well versed in things, I’d love to hear your views.

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