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Grahame Watts

There is now evidence that Israel was in Egypt but the time scales that were determined from dating Jericho could be wrong placing Israel’s captivity too late by 2-3 centuries. The Exodus has been dated by archaeologist Kathleen Kenyan who dated Jericho’s destruction far earlier than Exodus (early Bronze Age) to the end of the Late Bronze Age. See ‘Patterns of Evidence – The Exodus’ by Tim Mahoney – David Rohl’s New Chronology. But David Rolhl proposes new evidence that redates Jericho’s destruction centuries earlier. Your comment on the supposed population of Egypt and the supposed size of Israel at… Read more »

Susan DeSantell

Okay… So after watching all three of these, I am still not seeing the gap bridged between the picture of (“scary”) OT God you talked about (and I’ve often pondered also) and then what we see in Jesus. Help?

Katelyn Hellenbrand

Wow I have never seen these things in the bible before. Can you help me sort some stuff out? Unless I am understanding wrong I feel as though you are saying God has always been as kind as Jesus but people were misunderstanding Him. And that He never wanted a sacrifice so He sacrificed His son just to please us because we wanted sacrifice? If so then the cross didnt really do anything besides make us feel better? Then what is the new covenant? And why do we get born again and recieve the holy spirit after the cross but… Read more »

Katelyn Hellenbrand

Another comment. I have always heard that when Jesus states the greatest command and talks about the good samaritan (which is actually about himself) he is laying down more law showing them they will never love God enough and they will never treat others well enough without becoming a new creation. Kind of like humbling the self righteous like the sermon on the mount. Any thoughts?

Nicholas Griffiths

Hi Phil, This is so challenging to….well…just about everything we’ve been taught. One question, or maybe several in one. If there is no evidence of Israel’s captivity in Egypt, how do we deal with the Exodus story, especially the parting of the Red Sea and drowning of the Egyptians? Do you see it as parabolic or allegorical, and what other parts of the OT do you see in that were not actual events?

Davis Allen

To declare that Christ was saying (14:39), “I don’t agree with the next line” because He didn’t read it as He was declaring the prophecy fulfilled is baseless speculation offered up with certainty. What in the text or the context makes you jump right to Jesus is discrediting the next section rather than taking it as it is written that the portion He read is fulfilled that day while the other is not? He goes on to talk about times of trouble and that the prophets only healed who they healed, and that He would be rejected by them, but… Read more »