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Anne Beauchamp
2 years ago


Bev Caddy
2 years ago
Reply to  Anne Beauchamp

Anne, I agree… it is beyond heartbreaking. And shameful to be part of an organisation that has had a hand in suicide and self harm and then shrugs it off as its not their problem. May God forgive us for our failure to truly love our neighbours. And may God give us the courage to truly love them regardless of sexuality or sexual attraction.

Jay Rees
2 years ago

I found suppressing my feelings was like putting a cork in it. I would always be aware of the cork in the background, life would eventually come along shake me up and… pop!!

Ellen McWilliams
1 year ago

Wow. I’m just beginning to scratch the surface of your study here, but I feel the need to express my gratitude. What an undertaking! Thanks.