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kevin scholes

i really enjoyed that jesus being distracted because it was michaels birthday and they were wondering what kind of cake to eat ha ha lol but yes religion is so quick to put Gods children whom he loves down as wretches as a father who loves his children you would want a bit more sympathetic view of yourchild than being told he is a wretch

Al Brin

Hey Phil,
How come you know so much? :-)

Kristian Lester

Thank you Phil. I just joined today and am excited for some Truth. Just trying to rightly divide and see clearly. It’s almost as if there was a glitch in the matrix but only by design. Thanks again 😀

chris gibbs

that was very good and hlepful

Demeta Dalton

You had me squinting my eyes in order to grasp some of the eye-opening revelations that God has given you. Keep up the insightful work!

Ellen McWilliams

Just finished the first module…….oh if believers would truly grasp who we are………thanks, Phil, for your work and thanks for sharing!

kijun lee

Hey Brother, Thank you for your insights.
John 4:24 said God is Spirit.
when someone asks me who is God.? I always answer that God is Spirit.
this is only time Jesus, who is God himself, define who God is. so then not 2 times, 3 times.

Chris Esparza

I really enjoyed this! You are so funny Phil. That helps the truth bombs you are dropping go down smoother. Seriously, I love these courses and am trying to get as many people as possible to sign up.