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Karl Fletcher
2 years ago

Looks good :)

Anne Beauchamp
2 years ago

Thanks for carefully defining these terms.

Bev Caddy
2 years ago

I’m pleased you said the word “homosexual” was invented in the 1800’s. It always surprises me how many people (especially those who have studied the Bible for years) believe Paul used this exact word. Maybe it’s because they like their favourite translation and think it’s totally accurate. I don’t know if any translation is 100% accurate and so it’s probably a good idea to read several different translations.

Ruth Littlehales
2 years ago

Thanks so much for this amazing teaching, can’t wait to hear more!

Mariela Pacheco
2 years ago

Hi Phil,
Thanks for the material.
On this section you start talking about 2 groups: afirm and non-afirming. Then towards the end of the session you mentioned 3 groups a couple of times, which I was not able to clearly identify. Could you please list these 3 groups? Mariela

Alec Barney
2 years ago

Great for explaining the perspectives! As a side note, I really have a problem with the word love and why it’s such a problem for Christian people. Love is the driving force of a Christian and how one live out life consistently. Christ told his disciples that “people will know them (a disciple of Christ) by their love” for one another. Love is a fruit of the Holy Spirit. So if any hate is directed toward anybody for any reason…pretty hard to call yourself a Christian. One the flip side, I also have a problem with non-christian holding on to… Read more »