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Alec Barney
1 year ago

Good points here. Thank you for clarifying some terms here…especially on homosexuality (attraction to same sex and not just the physical act). Also, according to Romans chapter 2…people who aren’t in Christ can live moral lives so I do agree that when “church people” use the immoral argument. However, to get a little ahead of myself, as far as using science as a tool to study sexuality can be quite misleading. Dr. John Lennox, a Christian and mathematician at Cambridge University, said something that was quite astonishing to me. He stated that using the word “mind” is considered inappropriate because… Read more »

Karl Reitzig
1 year ago

I’ve been dealing with homosexuality in my life (in both senses of the word) since I was incredible young and I’ve never dealt with it as something that I’m actually dealing with in my own life, wether it’s because it’s too difficult to accept and I just rather want to be the supernatural guy everyone knows and prophesy and heal people up here in mission land, or just because I’m scared of getting an answer… But over the last year the Lord has been opening it up in my life and I’ve been facing this thing head on, whether I… Read more »